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Spring and fall seeding

Fall Seeding,spring and fall field seed,summer fall seeding

Spring seeding of cool-season grasses is not very successful when compared to the fall seeding. Anyway at times spring seeding is also unavoidable.
Seeding must be as early as possible. The seeding equipments will face difficulties in wet soil. You can also prepare soil and spread out the seed in February or March, if the weather is dry. Once April begins, the germination will start.
Use slit seeder or drill to avoid surface disturbance. It also put off the competition of the weed seeds which will be turned off to the surface while tilling.
Crabgrass competes a lot in the spring seeding, especially in Kentucky bluegrass. Siduron is the only crabgrass herbicide that can be blended with the fresh spring seeds. Apply it as a final operation. But if you choose February or march for seeding, wait till April for the application, so that the effect would long last into the summer. Shady zone of lawns does not need any crabgrass eradication.
Next to 3 to 4 mowing, usually a month after the grass emerges from the seeds; there is a chance of broadleaved weeds to appear which overpowers the grass. Take use of herbicide only when the weeds are problematic. A consequent mowing and the proper starting fertilizer is enough for the establishment of grass.
The higher seeding rates usually ensure a good competition with the annual weedy grasses. Choose perennial ryegrass for its rapid germination that it stands first in filling out the zone in the first year. Tall fescue could be the second best choice as it tolerates the stress in fall. Kentucky blue grass germinates in the spring, in 2 to 4 weeks of time. When it is a cocktail mixture, the usage of perennial ryegrass should not exceed 20%.
Fall seedings
It is natural that the fall seedings are very successful as the chances of crabgrass and summer stress conditions are absent here, unlike spring seedings. Anyway, some of the winter annual broadleaved weeds growth must be prevented. Usage of post emergence herbicide after mowing, usually 45 days after germination, reduces the weed problems of fall. Application must be in the absence of frost.
Renovate the lawn
There are chances of lawns becoming thin and becoming weedy due to poor management, pests and sever summer stress. Determine the exact cause of the thinning of the lawn and make your renovation programs according to that.
General tips in renovation
Existing vegetation can be removed if necessary.
After application of herbicide follow the general guidelines.
The mower must be as low as possible.
Prepare the surface with the help of power rake, verticutter or coreaerifier.
Remove thatch and existing debris
Final pass should be created to open channels for seed collection.
Two direction applications of seeds are best.
Incorporate the seeds into the surface.
Water frequently till it is established.

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