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Pruning your tree

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After establishment, pruning is very essential as watering, fertilizing, and mowing. Pruning cannot be done as any time as you wish. Pruning in the dormant season might minimize sap and resin flow from the cut branches.
Pruning hardwood trees and shrubs
It includes only the hardwood trees and shrubs which do not have any showy flowers. Prune these type of trees in the dormant season so that you can very easily visualize the structure of the tree, to maximize wound closure while it is growing after the dormant season. It reduces the chances of disease transmission and arrests excessive sap flow from the wounds. recent wounds and the chemical scents that thespread attracts inseacts that facilitates tree disease. Make sure to prune the trees in the exact timing of the year so that you can very well prevent the spread of fatal diseases. You can even get a suggestion from your local tree disease specialist to get the correct idea to your locality. Usually, it is late fall and winter is considered to be the best time for pruning.
Flowering trees and shrubs
Eventhough the pruning season is the same as the above, dormant season, you can take into account the following schedule to naturally preserve the latest year’s flower crop
Trees and shrubs that blooms in the season of early spring (redbud, dogwood) can be pruned just after flowering season. Flower buds grows even a year prior they flush and they will form on the new growth.
Most of the flowering trees are prone to fireblight, one of the bacterial disease that is caused by pruning. These trees must be pruned in their dormant season. Make a check with your pruning specialist or horticulturist for extra informations.
Summer and fall flowering trees and shrubs must be pruned only during the dormant season. It helps the flower buds to form on the new twigs in the coming growing season and of course the flowers will flush normally.
Dead branches could be removed from the trees at any time of the year.
Tools used in pruning
Usually, hand pruners are handled to prune small branches of under 2.5cm diameter. Hand pruners are grouped according to the blade configuration. Anvil pruners have straight blade, and by-pass pruners consists of curved cutting blade. To avoid unnecessary tearing and crushing of tissues, use by-pass pruners, either left or right handed types.
General guidelines
• Bigger branches can be cut by saws, chain saws, and pole pruners,
• Consider safety, health and aesthetics in order to prune.
• Be careful with the utility lines.
• Prune only in the exact season.
• Prune the small size branches than the bigger ones.
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