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Planting the trees

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? The choice of a tree must be at least a 5 to 6 foot, according to the nursery standards. Your planting zone must be enough for the complete growth of the roots and branches. Try to eliminate overhead and underground utilities, as it destructs the growth.
? The preparation of the planting area should be as deep as the root ball and it must be bigger at about 3 to 5 times in its diameter, so that the soil loosens itself. Hole must be in the midst of the zone, so that you can set the root ball even to the ground level.
? Apply water to make the soil settle and to extinct the air pockets.
? Stake the tree to the flex with the wind only if the tree is feeble to withstand the wind.
? You can spread mulch in 2 to 3 inch layer completely on the zone, but avoid within six inches of the tree trunk
Planting a tree seedling
? The cooler climates are the best for planting the seedling. But ensure that it is done before the first frost. But when the first frost has crossed already, before you have decided to grow tree, you have the option to plant your tree indoors and then transplant it when the frost is finished.
? Get ready with a planting area where there is adequate space for the seedling to grow completely, that is, the tree should be able to grow into a full size both below and above the soil level. Special attention must be made when dealing with the utility wires.
? The root collar of the root must be at the soil level.
? Apply enough water on the soil to make it settled, and relatively to avoid the air spacing.
? The seedlings must be protected from the pedestrians, lawn mowers, pets etc. in other words, avoid traffic on the lawn
Planting tree seedling indoors
? When the weather is not appropriate planting the seedlings of the tree indoors is the best.
? The container where you are going to place the seedling must be at least 6 inches deep and must have multiple drainage holes, for the best growth.
? The soil should be packed around the seedling and it should be totally cover the root collar.
? Water thoroughly after planting
? Place the container after seeding, in a bright lighted room. But the direct sunlight is the best for growth.
? Moisturizing the plant is very essential
? Make the transplant immediately when the weather is favorable.
Planting trees for energy conservation
3 deciduous trees on the east, south, and west of the home prevents you from hot summer and reduce cooling costs by 10 to 50%. This conservation of energy directly repeats to less carbon dioxide production of the plants. Zigzag arrangement of evergreen trees on the North West side blocks the harsh winds and reduces the heating cost.

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