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Although we all love to grow trees around us, it is mystery to some people
how to take proper care for a tree. Peoples’ duty is to just plant a tree
and nature will take care of the plant for its growth. This condition is
true in some rural forests. But the house and community garden trees need a
special kind of care in order to grow fertile. In this place the trees are
to be protected mainly from people of the locality.

Trees play a major role in our neighborhood which it contributes the good
quality to the lives and make the city and country livable. Trees which are
placed in urban areas clean the air that human breath, given the cool
atmosphere to the surroundings and gives shade to the house and also
increase the value of the community.

If the trees in the particular region have the opportunity to move from
one place to another it means that the tree is badly treated. Learning about
the proper tree care prevents the people from becoming the tree’s worst

Some of the truths about the trees are as follows

Trees which are grown in urban areas do not have a tap root system. These
types of trees tend to be more shallow-rooted than the people may think.
Wound dressing the tree is unnecessary in many cases. Some of the trees do
not need to be topped for fear reason as that they will get too big in size.
Most of the people cut the branches of the trees; this might be a hurdle to
the trees when it is cut with the trunk.

Topping is one of the senseless practice which will done by removing the
major portion of the trees. Topping makes only hazardous to the trees and it
will not make it safe. It also makes the tree weaker and further, insect and
diseases attack the trees easily. Topping the trees is simply the waste of

The trees can be saved by some special ways. Trees should be planted at
the right place. There should be enough sunlight and it shouldn’t plant
under electricity wires. There should be adequate watering to the newly
planted tree. Tree should be protected from weed eaters. Growing of grass
should also be avoided. The soil shouldn’t be pack tightly at the time of
planting. Root of the plant should be left alone. Mulching around the tree
avoids the soil compaction and root suffocation.

If there is any compulsion of topping the tree it would be better off
cutting the tree down and plant the same variety which has more health.
Prune the trees according to the methods that which the trees are

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