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Manage grubs in your lawn

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White grubs are also one of the main concerns of a lawn owner, as it is also one of the destructive lawn insect pests found. Grubs are white color pests, and the shape of the body is C. You can easily locate them in the soil feeding on lawn roots. Grubs are nothing but larva of beetles. Usually, all the lawns do not get grubs. And the damages caused by grubs are not the same in every year.
Know the presence of grubs
When the lawn is wilting and browning in irregular shapes, the grubs are growing on the root of the grasses. Pull back the sod in the meeting point of brown and green grass and see whether grubs exist. When there are 10 and more grubs for each square foot, it causes browning of the lawn. Avoid pulling up the roots in the shade lawns, unless you are sure about the presence of grubs.
How to manage grubs
Allow your lawn to go into dormancy, as the adult beetles look for the green lawns with well irrigation. When there is a lack of rainfall in July, the lawn might get dried. If you are conscious about the greenery of your lawn, you surely would irrigate the lawn well than your neighbor. And that becomes the residing place for the adult beetles as they lay eggs in the moist soil surface. When there is high rainfall, the grubs spread in a wide area and lay eggs in a broader area and it is not only your lawn that is going to be affected. if the spread of grubs less than 10 per square feet the damages are less.
If not in July, you have to watch for grubs in the late summer. It is also one of the seasons for the beetles to lay eggs. In the irrigated, moist areas, you can see off-color and the symptoms of the grass going brown. When there is such indication, check the root of the grass for small white, C shaped grubs. Early detection and prevention of the grubs will prevent large-scale damage. Apply insecticides like diazinon or trichlorfon (Dylox), at the early stages and you can easily prevent grubs. So be very cautious in these seasons and check often for grubs.
When you start noticing the presence of adult beetles and the lawn is irrigated well, you can use some insecticides even before you note the damage in the lawns. Imidacloprid (Merit or halofenozide (GrubEX) are some of the insecticides applied on the lawn at this particular stage. Water your lawn before you apply these insecticides. Ensure that they are watered into the soil and root for the best results.
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